Collection: Print & Paint Service

Want to bring your D&D characters to life? Created a character on a site like Heroforge, Eldritch Foundry or Hero Mini Maker? We will Print and Paint these for you!

How Does it work?

Head on over to your chosen character creation site (Heroforge, Eldritch Foundry or Hero Mini Maker etc...) and make your character. Once completed, download the STL file and place your order, answer the required questions, attach your file and Printing will begin. All minis will be printed in high quality resin. These will then be cleaned and cured prior to painting.

Painting then begins! Choose your colours when creating your minis on your chosen site and use either the in built colour pickers such as Heroforge's colour picker and send over a screenshot. Alternatively choose a custom scheme that we can discuss before work begins.

Once completed, you'll receive your printed & painted mini via the post.


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