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1x 'FantazSheep' from SeaHorse3D

A 3d printed sculpt available in 2 sizes:

- Tabletop Miniature: Base size "Medium" / 25mm / 1x1

- 75mm Scale: Base size "Large" / 50mm / 2x2

Fantazoor are a whimsical collection of fantasy themed 3D prints that showcase an imaginative world of anthropomorphic animals take on the roles of valiant Dungeons and Dragons characters. They make perfect minis for Roleplay games, Boardgames or just fun painting projects! 


All Miniatures are Printed/Made to order so please allow 3-10 days to prepare, print, clean, quality check, pack and ship out your miniature(s).

Licence: I hold a commercial licence for Fantazoor provided by the creator/sculptor SeaHorse3D.

All supports have been removed and models have been washed and cured. Please Note: Due to the nature of the resin printing process, some supports are required and will occasionally leave marks on the models surface. We do our utmost to ensure that these are kept to a minimum, however when unavoidable, this can be rectified with a hobby knife or sanding.

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