Collection: Witchsong Miniatures

Sisterhood of Artistry: 'Witchsong Miniatures' is the creative counterpart to 'Witchguild Miniatures', a known for its Heroes & player sculpts designed to populate the imaginative landscapes of roleplaying games. Together, these sister brands create a comprehensive gaming experience, providing both the monstrous adversaries and the valiant heroes that define epic tabletop adventures.

Meet the Monstrosities: 'Witchsong Miniatures' collection showcases a diverse array of creature sculpts, each a masterpiece in its own right. Among their noteworthy creations are The Fungal Queen, a regal embodiment of nature's dark allure; The Lord of the Jungle, a fearsome and primal ruler of the wilderness; and The Toadlord, a grotesque and formidable amphibious menace. Each sculpt captures the essence of these otherworldly beings with meticulous attention to detail and artistic precision.